Trailers broken into at FED EX, Central Transport in Spartanburg Co.

Fed Ex
FILE Credit Ap

SPARTANBURG Co., SC (WSPA) – Someone broke into several freight trailers at two different facilities in Spartanburg Co., according to a report from Spartanburg Co. Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies say one of them was the FED EX Freight facility on Berry Shoals Rd.

A person at FED EX says 5 trailers had been broken into. The latches and not the locks were broken and it appears they got in from pulling back part of the fence.

They won’t know if anything was stolen until they take inventory.

The surveillance video shows 4 people walking toward the trailers. Two of the suspects had some kind of cutting instrument, according to the report.

The video shows them running back toward the fence, but they didn’t see if they had any merchandise.


Eighteen freight trailer at the Central Transport loading dock was broken into and rummaged through.

They don’t know if anything was actually stolen at this point, according to a person at the facility.

They got the call around 6 a.m. on May 1 at the facility in Rogers Bridge Rd. on Spartanburg Co.

The report says a gap was cut into a perimeter fence and the dock has bay doors that stay open.

The suspects are visible on surveillance footage around midnight on 4/30, according to the report.

However, the resolution isn’t good enough to determine identifying features.

The report says someone got into the trailers by breaking the latches instead of the locks.

They says the same method matches with an incident that happened at the FED EX facility down the road.

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