Clemson University selects new site for power plant

A rending of the proposed Duke Energy power plant at Clemson University (Source: Duke Energy).

CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) — A new site has been chosen for a proposed Duke Energy facility that will power Clemson University.

Mark Land, vice president of university relations, said Clemson and Duke Energy officials met with the city late Monday afternoon to share the news.

Land said the university decided to build the facility in the Kite Hill area of campus. He said the area is west of Highway 76 and not in residential neighborhoods.

“The new location will be only minimally visible and we believe this is a good solution for both the university and residents,” Land said.

The university said in a news release the power plant would meet long-term energy needs and allow Clemson to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

“When completed, the facility will have the capacity to generate 16-megawatts of electrical power. In addition, the CHP will capture waste heat from the production of electricity to produce thermal energy that Duke will sell to Clemson to be used to heat buildings and water on campus,” according to the release.

The power plant should be operational in 2019.

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