Community voices concerns over new ReWa sewer pipe

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – A pipe 100 feet below the ground is causing some concern for some people living in Greenville.

ReWa will be building a new pipe for their water system next year that will service a big portion of Greenville County. Construction is projected to last from early 2018 to the spring of 2020.

On Tuesday night, ReWa held their first community meeting to answer questions people may have about the project.

 “We’re finishing up design, so we wanted to meet with the public, get their feedback, be able to address concerns,” said Jason Gillespie, the ReWa Project Manager.

Gillespie says the company is about nine months away from beginning construction on the project. Neighbors living near Cleveland Park on Ridgeland Drive say they’re most concerned with noise.

We understand that this project is important to the city, and we have to…Do some amount of sacrifice for the greater good, but we don’t want to lose our sleep, and I think that’s what we’re all concerned with,” said one neighbor living in the area.

The new pipe will run from Cleveland Park to around Hudson Street where the Greenville Pubic Works building sits.           

ReWa officials say the growth in Greenville is the reason for the project which will add capacity for the company to be able to accommodate waste water and reduce the risk of overflow.

Neighbors say officials answered some of their questions Tuesday night.

“Concerns of property damage because they are going underneath our lots, and we don’t know how that will impact the foundation of your house,” said Allison Mertens, whose home will be the first properties impacted on Ridgeland Drive behind Cleveland Park.

ReWa says there will be anywhere from five to eight months of 24 hour work.

“We handle the lions, and we handle the siamangs and the different animal noises from the zoo, and we’re used to those but very seldom do they go at night,” Mertens said.

ReWa says they plan to limit construction traffic at night. Neighbors say they just want to be kept informed.

ReWa says they’re planning a community meeting every quarter although no date has been set yet.

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