Man shoots near officer while intoxicated say Union Co. deputies

Robert Reuter
Robert Reuter

LOCKHART, SC (WSPA) – Union Co. deputies say they were doing a joint training with bloodhounds and tracking dogs in Lockhart Tuesday afternoon around 1 p.m.

A deputy was walking down N 2nd street and stop at a light police to wait for K-9’s to track him.

The deputy noticed a man across the street step out of a camper around 30 yards away. The deputy waved at the man, later identified as Robert Lee Reuter, 53, and the man did not wave back.

The man muttered something incoherently and started to walk off toward the front of the camper and out of sight.

The deputy said he heard the man say loudly “I am sick of this s*#t!”

A few seconds later the deputy heard a loud bang that sounded like a gunshot come from the camper.

The man then came back into sight and stood there staring at the deputy.

The deputy said he was with the sheriff’s office and asked the man what was going on.

The man stepped back out of sight again, according to the report.

The deputy called other units to tell them what was happening when he heard another bang and then another.

The deputy says he took cover and could see see the man peeking out from around the coroner of the camper looking at the deputy.

He disappeared again and loud music started coming from the camper, then another loud bang.

Deputies surrounded the camper and called for backup.

They were able to contact the man via phone and were able to talk him into coming outside.

The report says they smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from Reuter.

Rueter admitted to shooting a .45 handgun but didn’t know how many times he shot it.

He said he shot it into the ground, but didn’t give a reason as why he was shooting it.

The man said he had “a few vodkas,” according to the report.

Reuter is charged with discharging a firearm while under the influence.

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