Ocelot kittens at Greenville Zoo

Credit: Greenville Zoo
Credit: Greenville Zoo

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – The Greenville Zoo is introducing two new additions to their family.

Oz and Evita had their second litter on March 8.

The ocelot kittens are finally old enough to be introduced to zoo guest and will join their mother on exhibit this week.

Oz will be kept separate while the kittens mature.

The zoo will hold a naming contest after they figure out the kittens’ genders.

The proceeds from that go to support conservation efforts to protect ocelots and their natural habitats.

The zoo says ocelots are found in every country south of the US except Chile. They say they sometimes come as far north as Texas.

The zoo gave us some interesting facts about ocelots:

• Solitary and territorial nocturnal hunters
• Eyesight six times greater than a human’s
• They can climb trees and swim, but they spend most of their time hunting on the ground.
• Median life expectancy: 13.8 years
• Gestation: 79 – 82 days
• Number of young at birth: 1 – 4 (usually 1)
• Female age of maturity: 18 – 22 months
• Male age of maturity: 30 months
• Length: 29 – 39 inches, with males larger than females
• Tail length: 10 – 16 inches
• Female weight: 14.5 – 25 pounds
• Male weight: 15 – 34 pounds
Weight at birth: 7 – 12 ounces

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