Laurens Dist. 55, fmr. coach sued after alleged sex assault

Laurens District 55 High School (WSPA).

Laurens District 55 and a former wrestling coach have been sued by the coach’s minor victim.

According to a lawsuit filed on March 1st, the victim, listed as Jane Doe, and her parent filed suit just months after Joseph Kemp pled guilty to lesser charges.

Kemp was an assistant wrestling coach with Laurens District 55, when he was charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct of minor.

Police say that he sexually assaulted a 14-year-old at his home in Laurens. The School District immediately fired Kemp after charges were filed.

The lawsuit claims that the school district failed to adequately supervise the minor and their employee, failing to protect the minor from their employee, and failing to regulate and supervise the wrestling program.

Jane Doe is seeking compensation and punitive damages, for violations of her federal rights.

Kemp pleaded guilty to lesser charges of Assault and Battery 1st degree, to which he will spend 3 years in prison. He will register as a sex offender for life after being released from prison.

The school district declined to comment.

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