Clemson graduate goes rogue, marries terrorist

(WSPA) — A former FBI translator who graduated from Clemson University is accused of going rogue and marrying a terrorist.

The information comes from recently unsealed court records.

According to CNN, Daniela Greene was working in Detroit and had top secret clearance. She was assigned to investigate Al-Almani, an ISIS fighter who was once a rapper in Germany. His real name is Denis Cuspert. Greene lied to her bosses and secretly married Cuspert, telling him the FBI was investigating his activities. After only a few weeks in Syria, Greene contacted family in the United States, telling them she “made a mess of things this time.” In August 2014, Greene managed to leave the country and was arrested.

The FBI and the Department of Justice kept the case quiet. Greene pleaded guilty to making false statements involving international terrorism and spent two years in jail. She’s now out on probation.

CNN spoke to Greene’s professor who taught her while she was getting her master’s degree in history from Clemson.

Alan Grubb said he advised her on her thesis.

“Daniela was a very hardworking, conscientious student,” Grubb said.

When asked if he was surprised by the accusations, Grubb replied, “It would be hard to believe. I don’t think there’s anything in her background that would suggest to me or any of the people she worked with here proclivities in that direction.”

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