Furman University solar farm provides power to campus

GREENVILLE CO., S.C. (WSPA) – Furman University just unveiled the largest solar installation on a college campus in South Carolina.

Nearly 3,000 solar panels make up the solar farm.

“In essence it’s generating power from the sun that now is going directly into the Furman grid,” explained Weston Dripps, Executive Director of the Shi Center for Sustainability at Furman. “We want to kind of lead by example and so we’re hoping that this project will begin Furman’s journey toward a more renewable source, but also get folks driving by here to stop and think about it since South Carolina is really so prime for solar.”

Furman University says solar power will reduce the campus electricity cost up to five percent and greenhouse gas emissions three percent.

Jeff Redderson, Associate Vice President for Facility and Campus Services at Furman talked with 7 News about the impact of the solar farm.

“It’s providing power to campus,” Redderson explained. “At any given moment it could be up to 15 percent of our total campus usage and the fact that we’re providing clean power, it’s important.”

Duke Energy provided a solar rebate of nearly $1 million for the $1.7 million project, says Ryan Mosier with Duke Energy Corporate Communications.

“They’re making a really big statement and this is going to make a really big impact to their overall sustainability efforts and their carbon footprint,” Mosier explained.

By 2026, Furman has a goal of becoming carbon neutral.

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