Greenville Co. Animal Care unveils new kitten nursery

Greenville Co Animal Care Kitten Nursery

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Greenville County Animal Care just unveiled its new kitten nursery.

The brightly painted room will feature some of the shelter’s tiniest kittens in efforts to encourage people visiting the shelter to foster them.

The shelter is on its way to becoming a no-kill shelter but it needs the community’s help to do so.

Kitten season is here and that means the shelter is taking in 40 to 50 kittens a day.

It needs the community’s help with supplies to feed and care for the kittens plus foster families to take them home and care for them until they are bigger.

The staff can teach people everything they need to know to be successful foster parents and give them all the supplies they need for the journey.

“It’s really a very rewarding experience because these young kittens that come in to our animal shelter are the most vulnerable so when you foster a kitten, you truly are saving a life,” said Paula Church, the community relations coordinator for Greenville County Animal Care.

The shelter will host kitten showers where people can donate supplies and learn more about fostering.

There is also a kitten registry where the public can donate online.


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