Mother of victim ‘outraged’ after suspect found on asst. police chief’s porch

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA-TV) – The mother of a Greenville woman shot and killed at a gas station last month is speaking out following a 7 News report about her daughter’s alleged killer.

The S.C. Law Enforcement Division is investigating the Laurens Assistant Police Chief after arrest reports revealed the suspect, Shacorey Jeter, was on the assistant chief’s porch hours after the murder, before his arrest by another agency.

The SLED investigation into Cofield isn’t an admission of guilt, but simply trying to figure out if there is wrong doing.

Shomeka Dillard says if there is wrongdoing, she’s seeking justice for anyone that’s involved in her daughter’s case.

“I want justice. My child was shot in the head. Drove herself to try and get some help,” said Dillard.

Hours later, after Yolanda Dillard was shot at the Spinx gas station on White Horse Road, April 8th, she died at the hospital, leaving her mother in pieces.

“It’s just not fair. It’s not fair,” Dillard told 7 News Reporter, Addie Hampton, Wednesday.

Around the same time, Greenville County Sheriff’s Deputies investigating the shooting contacted the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office. According to reports, they believed Jeter was in Laurens County.

Shacorey Jeter (Source: Greenville County Detention Center)

Deputies found Jeter on the front porch of the home of Crissie Cofield, the Assistant Laurens Police Chief. A line in the arrest report from an unnamed source said quote, “i was going to turn him in…but that she had left him to get a phone number.”

“You know this man is wanted for murder, so why you didn’t do anything? They already contacted you – well, the Laurens County Sheriff – and let you know what was going on,” Dillard said. “He’s on your front porch, but you not doing a damn thing about it.”

SLED is not yet saying if Cofield knew Jeter or knew he was at her home.

7 News reached out to Laurens Police Chief, Sonny Ledda, Wednesday. He did not get back with us, but told 7 News last month that there would be no internal investigation into Cofield.

Dillard said it isn’t enough for her child’s accused killer to be behind bars if someone else was involved in any way.

“I want justice. Whoever is involved with the situation, I want them charged as well, because they might as well pulled the trigger like he did,” she said.

SLED confirmed again, Wednesday, that their investigation continues. They tell 7 News that Cofield is a former SLED investigator in Greenville, so agents from another part of the state are leading this investigation.

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