NC dog attack victim: ‘He wouldn’t turn loose; he smelled blood’

Courtesy: WNCN

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — A Fayetteville woman recovering after being attacked by a pair of pit bulls Sunday says she’s still shaken and at one point she thought her life would end.

“The people have apologized, but he could have killed me,” said Amanda McEachern, 66. “I have lacerations that will never go away.”

McEachern said she now walks with a limp and is in terrible pain after what animal control calls a “savage mauling.”

McEachern says she was walking into her trailer when two of her neighbor’s dogs attacked.

“I made it outside but he wouldn’t stop,” she recalled. “And she was hollering, ‘Get a rake, get a rake, get him off her, get him off her,’ but he wouldn’t turn loose – he smelled blood.”

McEachern was rushed to the hospital for treatment of bite marks to her leg, arms and neck.

The dogs, Ace and Princess, are now in rabies quarantine at Cumberland County Animal Control. When that expires, they’ll be put down.

Animal control said this is Ace’s third biting incident. Last month, he bit his owner’s young daughter, authorities said.

“Why didn’t they put him to sleep?” McEachern said. “Why did they wait for him to have three attacks on somebody? I don’t understand that.”

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