Four Union Co. bridges to be replaced

UNION COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – The South Carolina Department of Transportation says four bridges will be replaced on Highway 9 in Union County near Lockhart.

John McCarter, District Four Engineering Administrator with SCDOT, says the bridges need to be replaced because of their structural condition.

“We’ve got a bridge that’s over 70 years old and the substructure’s 96 years old,” McCarter explained. “We’ve had two major repairs that we’ve had to do to it, and so it’s just gotten to the point that it’s got to be replaced.”

Friday, the SCDOT held a groundbreaking Friday for the project. McCarter says Highway 9 is a statewide priority.

“The fact that we do have so much traffic that goes through here and there’s just a lot of commuter traffic, truck traffic,” said McCarter. “It’s just a vital part of South Carolina.”

The cost of the project is $22 million and will complete by 2020.

Lockhart Mayor Ailene Ashe tells 7 News the project has been years in the making.

“We are doing a miracle. It’s a miracle that’s happened in Lockhart,” Ashe said. “I guarantee it’s the biggest thing that’s happened in Lockhart in a long time.”

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