Hometown Spotlight: Tryon, NC

TRYON, NC (WSPA) – 7 News is taking you on a trip to a new town as part of the Hometown Spotlight series.

Reporter Christine Scarpelli and Photographer Ryan Goodman take you to the town of Tryon in North Carolina.

Town organizers said Tryon is a popular stop for cyclists as they journey up the Saluda Grade.

Equestrians also settle at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains near the Tryon Equestrian Center.

The area is full of rolling hills for horseback riding and training.

Tryon has three bookstores and a members-only library sandwiched in between more than 100, 000 square feet of antique shops and malls.

Many unique restaurants including Huckleberry’s and Black Coffee are frequently visited by locals and visitors.

People living here will also tell you about the history of the town when toy making and baseball was popular here.

Local artists show off their work in stores and the museum downtown and honor civil rights activist Nina Simone was born here.

This weekend, the Rhythm and Wine Festival is being held downtown as well as Afrofest next weekend.

Find tickets here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tryon-rhythm-wine-festival-tickets-32448358915

Afrofest will kick off May 13 from 11-8 celebrating food, music and Afro-American culture,

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