Woman passed out behind wheel with toddler in backseat, say deputies

Lori Dianne Lawson
Lori Dianne Lawson

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – A woman is accused of passing out in the driver’s seat with a 2-year-old girl in the backseat, according to a Spartanburg Sheriff’s Office report.

The report says she was “grossly intoxicated under the influence of alcohol.”

Deputies were called to the 900 block of Blackstock Rd. around 10:33 a.m. on 5/5.

Before they got there, EMS had transported the woman, identified as Lori Dianne Lawson, 39, of Roebuck, and the little girl to the hospital.

The Paramedic said they got a call about a person passed out in a vehicle.

They beat on the window several times before the woman woke up.

The paramedic says Lawson had slurred speech and he could smell alcohol coming from her. They also saw the small child in the backseat.

They say the child’s head was covered in lice. Both were taken for medical evaluation to Spartanburg Regional.

The report says she had slurred speech and had a hard time completing sentences.

They asked what the child’s birth date was, she paused and said 2013. She then changed it to 2014, according to the report.

Lawson, 39 is charged with unlawful neglect of a child, and the child has been placed in emergency protective custody with DSS.


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