Show “Live PD” raises concerns over community targets

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) –  A national show has put the spotlight on Greenville County, but not everyone is happy with the attention.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office is part of the show “Live PD” on the television channel A&E. However, some community members say it unfairly singles out people living in certain areas of the county.

“It seems like it’s just targeting one segment of the community, and it seems to target the African-American, low end, and poor communities, and I think that’s something we need to address and take a hard look at,” said Bruce Wilson with Fighting Injustice Together.

He says those aren’t the only neighborhoods with problems.

“Communities that are being affected by this show are not the only communities where law enforcement is being called out to,” Wilson said.

Wilson says he also has an issue with the sheriff’s participation in the show.

“There’s already a large divide between the African-American community and law enforcement, so if he gets into an altercation that’s only going to make things worse,” Wilson said.

He wrote a letter to the sheriff asking him to not renew the contract with the show’s production company.

The sheriff’s office says they have no comment in regard to the concerns raised by Fighting Injustice Together, they have said in previous interviews that the signed up to do the show to promote transparency within the sheriff’s office.

Representatives with the “Live PD” series say their show can act as an extension of body cameras or dash cam footage. They say the show is answering the nation’s call for transparency in policing and to be unbiased while doing it.

The sheriff’s office does decide which deputies camera crews will follow. They assign that based on who’s working that night, not who’s on patrol in a certain area.

The crews then follow that deputy to whatever calls he may get during his shift.

The show says they do not give the sheriff’s office directive on certain areas to film.

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