Teen fight clubs in Spartanburg Co. investigated by sheriff’s office


SPARTANBURG, CO. (WSPA) – Spartanburg Co. Sheriff Chuck Wright says they are investigating a fight club in the county.

He made the announcement during a news conference Tuesday about arrests made in the murder of a Byrnes High School student.

READ 2 arrested in Byrnes HS senior fatal shooting

Sheriff Wright says they are monitoring social media to try to find out where they are and will charge those involved.

“So I’m going to give you a warning. If you want to take boxing lessons that’s fine but these fight clubs are off limits. You need to cut them out right now,” said Wright.

Wright said the fight club is among teens settling their differences.

He said it happens a lot in bigger cities where they pit a guy or girl against each other and put the video online.

The sheriff’s office aid young people will meet to fight for sport or entertainment value.

They say money may also be involved.

Sheriff Wright is also asking school districts to start looking into those kinds of things and tell the sheriff’s office.

“It’s nonsense. If you’re going to do that let me know and I’ll buy some boxing gloves and I’ll provide you a spot but we’re not going to do it the way it’s been going on. There’s a lot of people getting hurt for no reason and this escalated into a murder for no reason,” said Wright. “I ask the moms and dads. Again be nosey. Be nosey with your teenagers because sometimes a mistake they make costs them a lot of money, sometimes a mistake they make costs them their lives. So i’d rather be nosey.”


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