‘One of the world’s dumbest criminals’ caught stealing from IN sheriff

Jack Steele Jr.
Jack Steele Jr.

RISING SUN, Ind. (WCMH) — A man is facing multiple felony charges after he was caught trying to steal from the Ohio County Indiana Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies say surveillance video shows Jack Steele Jr., 38, breaking into the building around 6:40am. He rummaged around the office for nine minutes, stealing a jump pack starter for vehicle batteries, a digital camera, a flashlight and several other items.

Steele had been brought to another area of the sheriff’s office building after an DWI investigation. He had been told to wait in the foyer for a ride.

When his ride arrived, Steele was seen trying to wipe his fingerprints off of the counters before leaving.

“This has to rank up there as one of the world’s dumbest criminals,” Sheriff Glen Potts stated. “If anyone from the show ‘World’s Dumbest…’ is watching and needs a video for the criminals episode, I would be more than happy to provide one for them.”


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