Upstate Schools Crack Down On Fidget Spinners

Greenville, S.C. (WSPA) – It’s marketed as a learning device, but some local schools are asking students to leave Fidget Spinners at home.

Fidget Spinners are said to help students who’ve been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder by calming them down and allowing them to focus. But the small plastic devices are becoming a distraction according to some Greenville County school administrators.

Administrators say they’ve become popular among students who don’t suffer from learning disabilities. Some are even trading them and passing them around like baseball cards.

“They actually have become a distraction instead of a calming, focusing gadget you would want to have in your classrooms,” said Karen Kapp, principal of Sevier Middle School.

Greenville County Schools Spokeswoman Beth Brotherton says the district has not banned Fidget Spinners from schools. Some administrators in Greenville County are not allowing students to bring them to class unless thy have a documented medical diagnosis.

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