Workplace Shooting Triggers Security Review At Upstate Businesses

Greenville, S.C. (WSPA) – Local businesses are taking a closer look at their security measures after last week’s workplace shooting.

David Butler, 42, was charged with attempted murder after authorities say he opened fire at the Yanfeng plant in Fountain Inn on May 5. He was arrested Monday after turning himself into Simpsonville police.  Butler was arraigned on federal charges Wednesday morning.

Since that shooting, many businesses have reached out to security experts inquiring about beefing up security and active shooter training.

“Unfortunately what we see a lot of is that it takes a major event like what happens in Fountain Inn or a major event like what happen across the country before a company actually sits down and says ‘this is something we need to look at’,” said Chad Ayers, co-founder of Proactive Response Group.

Ayers’ company, which specializes in active shooter training, security and de-escalation techniques, says businesses should have a plan in place for these types of incidents and it should be reviewed at least twice a year.

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