“God blessed us. He got us out,” says hero bus driver after fire

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – A Spartanburg County school bus driver is being called a hero after she helped get dozens of students off a bus that caught fire.

Teressa Stroble tries not to look at the pictures.

“I can’t think about what might’ve happened, God blessed us. He got us out,” Stroble said.

On Tuesday morning, she was driving her normal route for District Five Schools of Spartanburg County, when she heard a student yelling from the back.

“The thing that made me react real fast, the student actually said the bus is on fire,” Stroble remembered. “She didn’t say I smell smoke. She didn’t say, it’s smoking back here. She said the bus is on fire, and so when you hear that you evacuate.”

Stroble pulled over quickly and got all 56 students off the bus and at a safe distance – just before it burst into flames.

“You hear the word fire and then you see smoke, you get them off and like I said, they’re used to not pushing, so they got up and they exited, no problems at all. They got up and got off the bus They are to be commended.”

Stroble was back on her route the next morning.

At Duncan Elementary, students have signed a banner proclaiming Stroble their superhero.

“I feel blessed. I don’t feel like a hero,” Stroble said.

Beyond superpowers, Stroble credits a higher power for watching over them that day.

“I just praise God that He protected us and the Holy Spirit led and got us off the bus and out of sight,” Stroble explained. “Me, by myself, I may have fallen apart, but I had Him and I still have Him.”

The school district says state officials are still investigating the cause of the fire.

Students OK after school bus fire in Spartanburg Co.

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