New hospital mascot’s name revealed

Turtle mascot for Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System
Credit: Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System has a name for their new turtle pediatric mascot.

The turtle’s name is Shelldon.

They say the turtle symbolizes good health and long life.

They hope their new mascot will encourage young patients to practice healthy habits for a long happy life, and not to be afraid.

“Going to the doctor can be scary, especially for our youngest patients,” said Elizabeth Kissinger, RN, MSN, director of women and children’s services. “Associating a friendly, happy figure with the doctor may help ease those fears and make them feel less apprehensive about a doctor’s visit.”

Turtles also signify a great persistence, determination and endurance, according to the hospital.

The three names people could vote on were:

• Shelly
• Shelldon
• Speedy

They say a group on pediatric nurses and health educators came up with 4 animals and the turtle won by a landside, according to the hospital.

Almost 3,500 people voted on the name.

They want you to get to know Shelldon

• Hobbies: Playing outside, making friends, taking walks
• Favorite foods: Apples and carrots
• Favorite places: The Pelham Medical Center walking trail, Spartanburg Medical Center’s Liberty Park, any place he can help kids feel better, or a nice cool stream!
• Favorite colors: Purple and blue
• Occupation: Teaching parents and kids about health and safety

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