New tools that can help you save big time on Rx Drugs

Save On Rx Drugs: 6 Ways To Cut Prescription Costs (Image 1)

(WSPA) – The AARP says the cost of prescription drugs has doubled in the last seven years. But there are some useful tools that can help you compare, saving both time and money. There are a few apps that will find the prices for you and show you which pharmacies are offering discounts.

GoodRx and LowestMed both have 5 star ratings. They let you search a drug by name, and list the prices in your zip code, that include links to coupons.

“Now we should note, the apps are not always accurate. Your price depends on your health coverage. You should always check with your provider to see if there are cheaper alternatives.

Also, the apps don’t necessarily match up when it comes to prices. So looking at both can give you a more accurate understanding of the very lowest price.

Before downloading, you may want to read through the privacy policy. They say they do not share medical information with third parties. But the more you know, the better you will feel about the app.

Other potential cost savers include:

– 90 day prescriptions
– and mail order pharmacies

Also, don’t forget the independent pharmacies which may offer cheaper prices if you ask.

Chain prices come from corporate offices, where our prices are done locally, we can work with our customers,” said Jessica Vanoverstraeten with Ford’s Healthwise Pharmacy.

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