Bear spotted in backyard of Cowpens home

Black bear in Cowpens
Photo courtesy Kim Ridings

COWPENS (WSPA) – A black bear was spotted in the back yard of a home Friday night in Cowpens.

Kim Ridings tells us they heard their dog barking angrily and saw a bag of trash that had been torn up in the back yard. She says she kidded with her husband that “it looked like a bear got into our trash.”

As it turned out, there WAS a bear in the back yard of their home near Bud Arthur Bridge Road and Denton Road.

Kim said she turned on the outdoor lights around 8:25 pm Friday and said the bear – eating from their trash – didn’t seem startled.

The couple took a photo of the bear and it got up and left after the camera flash.

The two reported the bear sighting to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. DNR officials advised them to get rid of all food sources in the back yard – including trash, bird feeders and pet food – to lessen the chances the bear would return.

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