Color 4 One run raises awareness to stop human trafficking in the Upstate

Color 4 One Run

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Bright colors filled downtown Spartanburg on Saturday morning for the first ever “Color 4 One” run.

The 5K, hosted by local non-profit Project 4 One, benefitted Switch, a local non-profit that has dealt with nearly 300 cases of human trafficking in the Upstate and surrounding areas.

Nearly 200 people ran through the streets of downtown Spartanburg spreading one important message: end human trafficking.

“The issue of human trafficking is a very dark issue. What we wanted to do is shine a light on the issue in more of a colorful way,” said Josh Holt, Executive Director and co-founder of Project 4 One.

It was a bright, cheerful event all in the hopes of sparking conversation on a topic many people prefer to keep in the dark.

“I have a friend that has been affected by human trafficking so just to support her and support them I wanted to sign up to run. It’s something we don’t necessarily think about and if we do, we kind of don’t want to because it’s uncomfortable so I think it’s awesome that this is going on to spread awareness,” said Danielle Stetzel, one of the runners.

“Just think this is a good event to really bring awareness to the Upstate for a problem that is bigger than most people know,” Allan Randall, another runner, told 7News.

With every splash of color and a huge color bomb at the finish line, the group celebrated the rescue and rehabilitation of human trafficking victims across the Upstate.

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