Man throws brick at dad, hits sister instead says report

Anthony Sloan
Anthony Sloan

WOODRUFF, SC (WSPA) – A man is accused of throwing a brick at his father and hitting his sister instead.

Anthony Tijuan Sloan is charged with two counts of Assault and Battery 2nd Degree and Tampering with a vehicle.

Deputies says they responded to the 1400 block of Fowler Rd. in reference to a disturbance between father and son arguing in the front
yard on 5/14.

Neighborhood Watch told 911 at least three gunshots were fired from the home.

When they got there they found a man bleeding from the head who was flagging them down.

Another man on the porch said the injured man was his son and he had broken into his house.

The son was identified as Anthony Sloan.

The deputy asked the father if he had a firearm and the he said it was inside his home.

The father was told to go back inside the home.

Anthony Sload said his father tried to kill him during a fight in the front yard.

His father shot at him three times, according to Sloan.

Sloan said he threw a brick at his father, missed and hit his sister in the head instead.

He told deputies he hid behind a vehicle in the front yard, while his father went inside to reload the revolver.

He said he grabbed his father and tried to jerk him out of the house.

He said he grabbed the gun from his father and his brother-in-law got in between them and grabbed the gun.

The brother-in-law said Sloan got the cut on the head after he fell down onto the steps during the struggle for the gun.

The tampering with a vehicle charge stems from what began the fight, according to witnesses.

They say Sloan was tampering with his father’s car. They say the father told him to get away from the car and leave, but didn’t.

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