Upstate Hospitals Remain Vigilant On Cybersecurity After European Hack

GREENVILLE, S.C (WSPA) – As hospital systems across Europe scrambled to get back online after a recent cyber attack, medical facilities on this side of the pond were paying close attention.

“Our immediate reaction is ‘what kind of an attack was it,’ and ‘has there been a patch that’s been developed by one of our security vendors?,’ “said Rich Rogers, chief information officer for Greenville Health System.

Rogers is responsible for the security of the more than 5 million patient files stored on GHS’ servers. Because the files are digital, his team spends hours each day blocking traffic from foreign countries and scanning emails that come through the firewall.

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System 7 News it also has a strong cyber team in place to prevent attacks on its servers.

None of this deters hackers from continuing their attempts to access sensitive files —some of which they hold for ransom.

“They’re getting more sophisticated with the types of attacks that we see and the volume that we see, we have to mitigate on a daily basis,” he said.

It’s not just hospitals and businesses under cyber assault. Greg Wolf with Wolf Technology Group is seeing a spike in ordinary people having their information on home computers and devices accessed by hackers.

“Now with the bitcoins and the giftcards and everything else and other ways you could purchase and send money to somebody, it’s basically untraceable,” Wolf said. “They’re coming back.”

Wolf, who is in the business of helping people protect their digital files, recommends running and a strong anti-virus program, using the latest operating systems and backing up all digital files.

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