‘Grossly intoxicated’ charged with assault in Spartanburg

Peter Daniel King
Peter Daniel King

SPARTANBURG Co., SC (WSPA) – Spartanburg Co. deputies say they responded to a fight with a gun call in the 3000 block of Huntington Dr. o 5/17 around 11:57 a.m.

When they got there, they saw Peter Daniel King walking away from the residence and into the woods.

Deputies say King tried to run down the hill toward the deputy, tripped and slid down the hill on his stomach.

When he stopped sliding, he laid on the ground spread out and deputies searched him for weapons.

Deputies say they handcuffed him and it was immediately obvious he was “grossly intoxicated.”

They say he cursed and yelled at deputies.

A woman at the home said King was getting aggressive and visibly intoxicated.

She says she poured out his alcohol and King went into a rage.

He left the home and got into an argument with his dad. She says King picked up a large wrench and started moving toward his father.

The father then pulled out a gun and fired in to the ground causing King to drop the wrench, according to the report.

She said King kept moving toward his father, and the dad starting hitting King in the head and face with his fist.

King was arrested and was combative on the trip to the hospital, according to the report.

Deputies say King was so uncooperative at the hospital that he had to be given a shot to get him to calm down enough to treat his injuries.

King is charged with Assault & Battery 1st Degree.


I responded to 3073 Huntington Dr. in ref to a fight with weapons. The weapon being a handgun. Neighborhood Watch originally called in in ref to seeing the neighbors fighting and hearing a gun shot. Upon my arrival Ofc. J. Burgess was walking on the far side of the residence and it was at that time I saw Peter walking away from Ofc. J. Burgess.
Due to Peter’s direction of travel I exited the driveway and parked on Cedar Springs Ave. and awaited Peter’s exit from the woods. I was able to see Peter attempting to run down the hill toward my location. At approx 30′ from the roadway Peter tripped and began sliding on his stomach down the hill. When Peter stopped sliding he laid on the ground spread out. Ofc. J. Burgess approached and checked him for weapons. I was able to cuff Peter and it was immediately obvious that Peter was grossly intoxicated. Peter continued to curse and yell profanities at officers. Once Peter was secured I went back to
the residence and spoke Harold and Jennifer. Jennifer stated Peter had been getting aggressive and visibly intoxicated.
Jennifer was able to locate Peter’s alcohol bottle and poured it out. This caused Peter to go into a rage. Upon exiting the residence he got into an argument with his father, Harold. Harold stated Peter got aggressive with him and picked up a large wrench and began coming toward Harold. This caused Harold to fear for his safety. Harold drew a gun and shot into the ground. This caused Peter to drop the wrench. Peter however continued to move toward Harold in an aggressive manner. In another act of self defense Harold began striking Peter in the head and face with a fist. This caused a small cut inside of Peter’s mouth. Peter also sustained a swollen right eye. After verifying that enough probable cause existed to charge Peter with the assault I returned to Ofc. J. Burgess who now was escorting Peter back to the roadway. Peter was continuing to be non compliant and cursing at officers. I placed Peter in the back of my patrol vehicle in an attempt to transport Peter to Spartanburg Regional to be evaluated for his injuries. Peter continued to lock his legs to prevent being placed in the patrol car. I went to the other side of the vehicle and pulled Peter into the vehicle. I transported Peter to the hospital as Ofc. J. Burgess remained on scene to obtain written statements from Harold and Jennifer.
While enroute to the hospital Peter head butted the partition several times. Once at the hospital Peter continued to be
combative and un cooperative. He refused to place his feet in the foot supports of the wheel chair to prevent being pushed in the wheel chair. Once in the decontamination area of the hospital Peter cursed and used obscenities at the nurses and Hospital security. I attempted to photograph Peter’s injuries while Peter was still in the wheel chair. Peter stated he wanted to lay on the floor. I advised Peter that he could not lay on the floor. Peter then stood up and attempted to lay down. Due to his hands being placed behind his back he had nothing to catch himself with. Peter lowered himself to the floor and hit his chin on the concrete floor. This caused a cut under Peter’s chin. I continually had to turn Peter onto his side so he would not be laying on his stomach. Peter would continue to attempt to roll over onto his stomach as he kicked at chairs and hospital equipment within the room. Security arrived and assisted me in restraining Peter. Peter made several attempts to hit the floor with his head to cause more damage. A stretcher was brought in and Peter was secured to the stretcher.
Peter had to be given a shot to calm him down enough to be seen and treated for his injuries.
After being treated for his injuries Peter ws transported to the County Detention Center without further incident.
I spoke with Judge D. Smith in ref to this case. Due to Peter having a weapon that would have inflicted great bodily harm upon Harold it was decided to charge Peter with Assault and Battery 1st degree. Warrant number 2017A4210201535 was signed.

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