‘GOOD JOB’ says man Tazed, arrested at Waffle House says report

Ryan Dell Petrea
Ryan Dell Petrea

BOILING SPRINGS, SC (WSPA) – A man arrested at Waffle House in Boiling Springs told Spartanburg Co. deputies “Dude, good job,” according to a report.

Deputies say they were called to the restaurant on Boiling Springs Rd. on 5/18 around 7:30 a.m.

The restaurant called deputies because a customer was causing a disturbance.

They say they asked the man to remove his bike and leave, but he refused.

Deputies told the suspect Ryan Dell Petrea, 25, that the restaurant wanted him to leave and he responded with “I’m not going.”

The deputy pulled out handcuffs and said “You’re under arrest for trespassing.”

Petrea said “don’t touch me.”

After the deputy told him he was under arrest a few more times, they attempted to handcuff Petrea.

Deputies say Petrea knocked the handcuffs away and kicked the deputy in the hand and chest.

The deputy pulled out a Tazer and told Petrea to put his hands behind his back, according to the report.

After a few more attempts to get Petrea to comply, warnings he would charged with resisting arrest, and the suspect knocking the deputy’s handcuffs away, the deputy Tazed him.

Petrea was hit, but when the deputy quit shocking him, Petrea jumped over the counter and ran toward the employees.

The deputy then shocked Petrea again. The suspect then hit the ground.

Another deputy got the scene and helped handcuff Petrea.

When they got Petrea on his feet he said “dude good job, GOOD JOB.”

The deputy’s hand was hurt where Petera kicked him, according to the report.

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