New athletic facility in SC is one of only three in nation

Robert Kittle bench presses as part of an NFL Combine for the media Friday.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA)—A new athletic facility is now open in Columbia and it’s one of only three like it nationwide. Apex Athletic Performance is aimed at helping athletes be their best and helping injured athletes rehab and get back in the game.

“Where we are different is we have a full-time biomechanics sports science guy. We have a full-time director of rehab, accelerated therapy. We have a sports nutritionist. We have a sports strength and conditioning and performance specialist,” says Paul Beckwith, director of sports performance and rehab for Apex.

It’s for athletes from middle school to pro and for any sport.

To kick off its grand opening, Apex invited members of the media to take part in a simulated NFL Combine, going through the same drills and tests that college football players do at the combine: the 40-yard dash, the shuttle run, vertical leap, standing broad jump, and bench press.

Apex also incorporates the latest technology and equipment, so an athlete will be measured and tested multiple ways and then have a program designed specifically to meet that athlete’s goals. “My vision for this place is directly for returning kids back to sport post-injury and then keeping them in the game while allowing them to become bigger, faster and stronger through well-practiced and corrected strength and conditioning programs,” Beckwith says.

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