Union County Sheriff auctions stolen, unclaimed and seized items

UNION CO., S.C. (WSPA) – The first ever Union County Sheriff’s Auction is going on Saturday at the fairgrounds on Kirby street. We got a sneak peak at some of the items that have been seized from drug busts and burglaries, and others that have gone unclaimed.

Each of the 50 plus items has it’s own story of how it got into the hands of Deputies.

“These items are donated from our local marijuana growers,” said Sheriff Taylor, as he pointed to two large water bins with spouts.

A large John boat for sale, was seized more than seven years ago from the Broad River.

“The people used the boat to get to the crime scene, committed the crime, took what they were going to get and left the boat.”

David Taylor may be the Sheriff, but for Saturday’s auction, he’s also a saleman.

“This will be a nice gift for father’s on Father’s Day,” he said pointing to a large briefcase with safety kit contents for a car.

And for a day, this gun carrying, badge wearing civil servant will also be the auctioneer.

“Alright so we got 5 going once, 5, 5, who will give me 5 and a half, 5,5,” said Taylor with a laugh.

I’ll be there, though, so I’ll be able to keep him under wraps,” said his wife Betty Jo.

From afar the space holding the items may look sparse, but up close there are 4 swords, 6 knives, an outdoor cooker, lots of indoor kitchen items, two mowers, a cot (that according to the Sheriff “hasn’t been slept on since we recovered it,” lots of fishing gear, a dirt bike, Tv’s, tools and even a “brand new” nutcracker.”

The biggest item up for auctioN is a boat trailer. The sheriff says it was stolen, but it’s been here for so long the story behind it is a mystery.

In a county like Union where, as the Sheriff says “‘Everybody knows everybody,” word of the first Sheriff’s auction ever is spreading fast.

“I’ve lived in Union all my life and I’ve never heard of anything like this,” said Sylvia Robinson.

“Well I better check it out cause some of the stuff might be mine,” said Patricia Bright with a laugh.

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