Memorial Day sales: How to comparison shop in a fraction of the time

The unofficial start to summer also marks some of the best sales of the year on certain items. You may have seen the flyers, but how do you make sure you’re paying the lowest price? We found a way to comparison shop without spending a lot of time on research.

Sites like WalletHub have organized the 2017 deals for you by category.

And it’s important to know which ones, overall, offer the best deals of the year.


For one, home appliances are on deep discount for the holiday.

Rex Cox is redoing an entire kitchen, next month, but is buying this week to save big.

“By getting the sales on memorial day we’ll probably save $2-3,000.”

A Kenmore refrigerator and electric range oven at Sears made Wallet Hub’s top picks for best deals.


At stores like Lowes the big draw this weekend is:
1) Seasonal items like two-for-one charcoal bags
2) Nursery: “Rock bottom for the whole year would be our mulch. 5 for $10. {TIGHTEN AND COVER} That’s a deal. People run in here for that,” said Carrie Skelton at Lowes.


At department stores, expect up to 60% off on clothes, and don’t forget accessories.

“We run amazing sales on footwear this time of year. We do 50%, 60% off athletics,” said Apryl Mccoun at Sears.


One of the categories that tends to have the steepest discounts over memorial day weekend is mattresses. And that’s no different this year. WalletHub has cherry picked the “Beauty Rest Silver Navy Pier” from Sears as one of the top picks at 60% off.

You won’t find a lot of TV or electronic deals, but Best Buy has home appliances at 35% off, and it ain’t your mama’s fridge.

“We have 3 cameras placed inside the fridge, so while you’re out shopping you can just download the app go in and see exactly what you need,” said Jaquawna Terry at Best Buy.

If you buy early to beat the crowds like Asheley Macci make sure to check back in.

“We’ll definitely call back and see what the price drop is,” she said.

And always scope out coupons that can slash those savings even more.

Finally, DealNews says the holiday weekend is also a good time to book your summer travel. Last year there were decent sales for rooms and travel packages from and Travelocity.

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