PICS: Woman asks best guy friends to be bridesmaids

Credit: WFLA

(WFLA) — A bride who wanted to share the preparation experience with her friends had to get a little creative.

Rebeca Abrantes is a computer engineering student in Brazil. When it came time for her wedding and she found herself short a couple of girlfriends, she found the next best thing.

She asked five of her best guy friends to step in as her bridesmaids and help make her big day special.

“I do have some [girl] friends from childhood and high school, but we all went different ways for college and are not so close anymore. The closest ones I got are these five guys.”

All five of the men went to school with Abrantes. Three of the guys are still classmates with her, and the two others have graduated.

She also met her husband, Renato Sinorhara at school.

“We met hiking to a famous peak that is close to the city. Since I am super sedentary, I would stay behind the group and he began taking care of me and staying back with me,” Abrantes said.

Abrantes said her husband is now back in Munich working as a software engineer.

“We are far away from each other right now. He came to Brazil only to get married and was back to Germany,” Abrantes said.

She added they had to skip their honeymoon, for now, but she will be joining him in Germany once she finishes school.

See all the wonderful photos below.

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