Fmr. officer fondled girl in cruiser, says lawsuit

Adam Snelgrove
Adam Snelgrove

A girl, listed as Jane Doe, is suing the Fountain Inn Police Department after a former officer was arrested for criminal sexual conduct.

Adam Snelgrove was arrested in August of 2016, after SLED did nearly a year long investigation into his actions.

Snelgrove was charged with criminal solicitation of a minor, criminal sexual conduct, and misconduct in office.

The lawsuit filed by M. Brooks Derrick on behalf of the alleged victim states that Snelgrove met the then 15-year-old girl in 2012 during a summer youth camp at the Police Department.

The lawsuit claims that the 15-year-old was sexually assaulted by Snelgrove at Frankie’s Fun Park on a trip with the camp, that Snelgrove engaged in sexual advances against the victim for the next 3 years.

Snelgrove convinced the girl to skip school in order to sexually assault her within his Fountain Inn police vehicle several times, according to the lawsuit.

The girl was unable to stop the unwanted advances out of fear for retribution, says the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that the Fountain Inn Police Department should have known about the assaults and stopped them earlier.

A report from the SC Criminal Justice Academy shows Snelgrove’s resigned in May 2015 after a misconduct investigation began.

The charges against Snelgrove are still pending, according to online records.

To read the lawsuit, click here: FOUNTAIN INN POLICE LAWSUIT


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