Clemson Univ. welcomes first female police chief

CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) – Clemson University has a new top cop and, for the first in the school’s history, SHE is stepping into the new role with big plans for her department’s future.

Chief Jamie Brothers may be Clemson University’s first female police chief, but she says she’s not fazed by this. She’s just ready to get to work.

“I don’t try to get wrapped up in that sort of thing,” said Brothers. “We complement each other in this line of work and we’ve got a place too. I can do what anyone else can do, but I think there are things we can do better. We’re valuable in this line of work.”

In her first full week on the job, this veteran cop shifts questions away from gender. Instead, she is focusing on her game plan that includes summer hiring and reinstating the bike patrol, in the short term.

Chief Jami Brothers

“Anything that puts us out there to the community that we serve is what I’m interested in,” said Brothers.

Building those relationships with the campus community is her top priority, but she is also prepared to handle the sexual assaults and mental health challenges seeing spikes in national trends, as well as the potential for a detrimental event.

“It is no secret, somebody could come here to potentially do a lot of harm to a lot of folks and so we’ve also got to be ready to step in and respond in that sort of event,” said Brothers.

Former University Police Chief Johnson Link, headed up the national search with more than 100 candidates.

“I know she’s going to be a fine chief,” said Link. “She just interacts so well with people. She’s a great communicator and she has great empathy for folks.”

As for her legacy, she hopes it is not that she’s the first woman in the role, but that she led a department always ready and willing.

“We are here to serve them. I guess at the end of the day, that’s what I want,” said Brothers.

Brothers comes to the table with more than 20 years in law enforcement including 10 years with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. She replaces former Chief Eric Hendrix who retired in December.

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