Hometown Spotlight Seneca, SC

Hometown Spotlight Seneca, SC

7 News Daybreak travelled to Seneca, SC just before Memorial Day weekend and just in time to celebrate Senecafest.

Seneca is located in Oconee County, at the corner of South Carolina near the Georgia border. Seneca was named from a Native American village, established as a railroad hub and then kept alive by textile mills.

Seneca has rich history celebrated through the Bertha Lee Strickland and Lunney Museum in downtown Seneca.

Visitors and locals can also spend time on Lake Hartwell, Jocassee and Keowee.

On these lakes, there are multiple waterfalls for the adventurous to enjoy.

Take a trip downtown to Ram Cat Alley named for a large number of cats that used to congregate waiting for scraps of fish from the meat market and railroad cars.

There are a number of local restaurants, bars and shops to enjoy as well as live Jazz music on Thursday nights.

Senecafest kicks off Friday at 4 and ends Saturday with an Arron Tippen concert at 9.

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