How to avoid Myrtle Beach bikefest traffic

motorcycle wheel

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Law enforcement and city officials in Myrtle Beach have been preparing for the population influx for the Memorial Day weekend.

As the 23-mile traffic loop takes effect and hundreds of officers from Myrtle Beach Police and area supporting agencies man Ocean Boulevard, there are tools available to help locals and visitors avoid the congestion.

For drivers in Myrtle Beach wanting to avoid the traffic pattern, a phone line is available from Myrtle Beach Police for traffic information and questions. City employees will man the information live 24/7. Call 843-918-INFO (4636) beginning Friday through Monday at 6 a.m.

The Memorial Day weekend traffic loop details:

  • Begins where Carolina Bays /Hwy 31 meets Hwy 501
  • Extends onto Harrelson Blvd
  • Enters a small portion of South Kings Hwy
  • Back to Ocean Boulevard
  • Up 29th Ave. North
  • Onto 17 Bypass
  • Leading into Grissom Parkway
  • Back to Carolina Bays /Hwy 31
  • Southbound traffic can enter from the Restaurant Row area at Grissom Parkway. The traffic loop goes into effect Friday – Sunday at 10 p.m. – 2 a.m. Access to Ocean Boulevard begins on Kings Highway at 29th Avenue North, with no access north of that point. Exits from Ocean Boulevard may be allowed at those cross streets with traffic signals on Kings Highway, depending on traffic.

Myrtle Beach Police have also placed “no thru traffic” signs in numerous residential areas in Myrtle Beach to deter the bikers from driving through neighborhoods.

Drivers are also encouraged to visit for direction to and from the Myrtle Beach International Airport, updates on traffic congestion, and to get directions to a destination without using the traffic loop if possible.

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