Top summer scams to avoid

As we head into the hotter months a warning this time of year is ripe with scams. The top summer scams to avoid in this 7news scam watch.

Along with the hot temperatures and pesky bugs comes another annoyance that tends to heat up during the summer, scams.

“The red flag is the price, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true,” said Bill Lawton, a real estate agent with Keller Williams of the Upstate.

He warns, fake rental listings, where scammers steal photos of real properties, is rampant.

“Unfortunately there’s no way for us to stop it because we don’t know that it’s happened until after the fact. Sometimes we’ll get a phone call that says hey I’ve been trying to contact your seller to get them the rent to his house and the agent goes, what rent, the house is not for rent. And then you hear the silence on the phone and the big gulp and they go, Oh my gosh, I just wired people $2000,” said Lawton.

Summer is also the time when a lot of people move so watch out scams where shipping companies offer one price load the truck and hold your stuff hostage until you pay more.

Police also warn you may be getting a lot more knocks on your door during the summer months from people soliciting for just about anything. Watch out, they may be trying to pocket your money instead.

Finally, beware of bogus summer job listings especially for teens that try to steal private information, or as Elisabeth Cole warns scammers who scour job sites looking for a way in.

“It’s kind of just creepy a little bit because they want your personal information and they’re people who they say they’re in your area and stuff but anyone I ever have known who has done the Nanny application thing, they always say the same thing, they get these weird text messages with people asking for their information,” she said.

To protect yourself on these or any scams never wire money or pay for services with prepaid cards. Also make sure to agree on any price in writing, and don’t give out your private information unless you feel confident you know the person or company is legitimate.

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