Effort to honor fallen Vietnam soldier with renamed road

Hall is buried at Cherokee Springs Baptist Church.

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – This Memorial Day, an Upstate family is sharing a story so many others have experienced: Losing a loved one in the line of duty. They’re working to honor a fallen soldier by naming a street after him.

“It’s been all those years, but sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday,” said Broadus Hall. A serviceman to his country – Boyce Lee Hall – meant everything to his family. “He was protective of all of us,” said his sister Joyce.

The protective older brother was drafted to help protect his country.

“He wouldn’t have had it any other way but to go serve for his country – for our freedom,” said Joyce.

It was a fight the 21-year-old didn’t survive. Hall was killed in December of 1968. It was just over a month into his tour and they say Christmas was never the same.

“We had done sent his Christmas presents and stuff to him,” said Broadus.

“To see your mom just cry and cry and see your Dad do everything in the world that he can do to make her happy again,” recalled Joyce. “You see something through your parents that something was taken away and how much it hurt them that it hurt us too.”

Alongside the pain were memories of Hall walking along Chesnee Highway past the family church – Cherokee Springs Baptist.

“I’d see Boyce walking up and down the road constantly,” said Roger Wilkie. “The thing that stood out that I guess I remember best was his glasses.” At 6 years old he said it was a sight ingrained on his mind along with Hall’s funeral. “I remember being out here when they buried him and hearing taps play and once you hear that. You never forget it.”

And so others never forget, Wilkie and Hall’s siblings hope part of Chesnee Highway could bear the name ‘Corporal Boyce Lee Hall.’

“To carry on his name,” said Joyce, adding she hopes people would have this thought: “I remember him – I know him. That’s Boyce from Cherokee Springs. You know. He gave his life for our freedom.”

They have asked for the area of Chesnee Highway from the I-85 intersection to the Pacolet River Bridge to be renamed in his memory.

Representative Derham Cole Jr. says he’s been contacted and is looking into this. Cole says it would have to be brought before the state legislature next year to be voted on as a resolution.


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