Court hearing Thursday for Bucks Racks & Ribs

Bucks Racks & Ribs

GREENVILLE Co., S.C. (WSPA) — A dispute between Greenville County and an adult-oriented restaurant will be heard in court on Thursday.

The hearing follows a lawsuit filed by Bucks Racks & Ribs claiming Greenville County is punishing them for the mistakes of Platinum Plus. The strip club operated inside the building now occupied by Bucks.

The restaurant has received several citations from the Greenville County Sheriff’s. Owners of the restaurant are now asking for a restraining order against the sheriff’s office.

Bucks was cited earlier this month for several alleged violations of the county’s adult entertainment ordinance after deputies performed compliance checks at the restaurant.

Bucks filed a lawsuit on May 23 against Greenville County and Sheriff Will Lewis.

The restaurant asserts entertainment provided there is protected by the First Amendment and the Greenville County Code “silences protected speech” and “criminalizes conduct that was previously acceptable to Greenville County.”

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