Upstate Business Community Pushes Back Against President Trump’s Tweet

Spartanburg, SC (WSPA) One of President Trump’s latest tweets is causing concern among those in the Upstate business community.

Mr. Trump tweeted Germany’s current trade deal is “bad for the U.S.” because of a massive deficit. That tweet was sent at 6:40 a.m, Tuesday, just three hours before the U.S. financial markets opened.

Spartanburg County is home to BMW’s largest plant which employees nearly 9,000 people and produces about 400,000 annually. BMW is a German automaker. The Spartanburg area Chamber of Commerce President pushed back against Mr. Trump’s remarks.

“We’re all about jobs. We’re all about the creation of jobs were all about maintaining the jobs that we currently have and people that are in positions of power need to help us do that work, not hinder it,” said Allen Smith, president of Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce.

A BMW spokesman referred us to a statement released early this year, which touted the success of BMW’s Spartanburg plant.

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