USC student studying abroad reacts to London terror attacks

Sarah Abbott, a USC student studying abroad, says she's shocked to see two terror attacks happen during her time overseas.

(WSPA) – Several colleges and universities in the Upstate say their students are safe following a deadly terrorist attack in London. Officials with  Clemson University and Wofford College say all their students studying abroad in London have been marked as safe.

Sarah Abbott, a student at the University of South Carolina, spent her spring semester studying abroad in Ireland and plans to go to London this week. Abbott says she was on high alert during her time overseas, but she never expected to see two terror attacks in less than two weeks.

“It’s more eye-opening and it’s more shocking and terrifying,” Abbott says. “It could have been any of my friends studying abroad, or me.”

Within minutes of the attacks, colleges and universities were working to get a hold of  students to make sure they were safe.

Amy Lancaster, Dean of International Programs for Wofford College, says their programs have a safety plan in place in case something like this happens.

“Students are actually participating in security drills on site, so they’re pretty well-informed about what those protocols are when something does happen,” Lancaster says.

Abbott and Lancaster both agree that while this is a scary and tragic situation, a terror attack should not stop students who want to study abroad.

“This is exactly what terrorists are looking for is to instill fear in people. We’re interested in promoting more understanding that will hopefully prevent these types of occurrences from happening,” Lancaster says.

USC Upstate says they have a group of students planning to go to London in July. Staff members are meeting Monday to discuss safety measures for the upcoming trip.

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