How getting bumped from a flight can pay off big time

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — It’s a travel nightmare for most, getting bumped off an airline flight, but there are a select group of travelers who go through extremes trying to get bumped!

When Scott Ford got bumped on a flight to get home, a light switch went off!

“It was $386 to Portland, Oregon. My flight was oversold. Delta asked me if I wouldn’t mind being rerouted through Detroit. That flight got oversold, and I got stuck in Detroit.  Delta gave me a $600 travel voucher,” said social media travel expert Scott Ford.

That one journey led to four vouchers. So Ford tried the trick internationally, and eventually became known for extreme airline vouching.

Now, with thousands of followers on social media tracking his every move, Ford has become a self-made travel expert.

“52 vacations in 52 weeks, that’s what I was able to do and that was kind of the ticket for me to see the world for free, it included hotels and meals for three, four, and five-day trips.  And, then I earned 996,000 airline miles on Delta airlines doing that,” said Ford.

Not every traveler can plan an extra day to get bumped or even has the time or energy to do this, but Ford says you can still save on traveling.

Hotels, airlines, car rentals… negotiate, you can drop those rates just by asking for a discounts.  From breakfast in your hotel for free to a suite upgrade, that could be free, all just for asking for it,” Ford said.

Scott Ford’s first free trip happened years ago, after he went to fly home after losing his job for traveling to much.  Years later he has no plans to return to a traditional job, he’s just will continue his journey in life of seeing the world one flight at a time.

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