Grandma scammed out of $12K by fake jail officer

SPARTANBURG (WSPA) – A Spartanburg woman says she was scammed out of $12,000 by someone claiming to be a correctional officer who was holding her grandson in jail.

The woman told the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office she was called on May 25 by someone claiming to be “Sgt. Neil Goldstein” of “the correctional facility in Greer.”

The caller claimed her grandson was in trouble and needed $3,000 for bail and another $3,000 for attorney fees. The woman says she went to Walmart on East Main Street in Spartanburg and bought Apple iTunes cards to cover the payment.

The woman says she was called the next day and was told her grandson “had another incident while leaving court” according to the incident report. This time, the scammer claimed an officer was injured in the incident and required $6,000 for medical bills.

The woman bought another $6,000 worth of iTunes cards for a total loss of $12,000.

She reported the scam to the sheriff’s office on Tuesday.

Apple advises people to avoid scams involving iTunes cards on it’s support website. The company says “iTunes Gift Cards can be used only to purchase goods and services on the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, or for an Apple Music membership.”

Apple says iTunes card scams include claims they can be used to resolve problems with taxes, collecting debts, bills at hospitals and utility payments.

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