Woman’s ‘lucky day’ after robber puts gun to her forehead in Union

UNION, SC (WSPA) – A woman said she was letting her dog outside when a man pointed a gun at her head, tried to rob her, and told her it was “her lucky day,” according to a Union Police report.

It happened at an apartment in the 200 block of Porter St. on 6/7 around 4:26 a.m.

The woman said she was asleep on the couch when her dog nudged her.

She opened the back screen door and a man was standing in front of her pointing a black handgun.

He told her to back up and they both walked into the kitchen.

He asked her if she was alone and she lied saying “no” even though her 12-year-old was asleep in a bedroom.

The suspect then asked her if she had any money or if she had anything for pain.

She told him she only had 7 dollars and she didn’t take pills.

The suspect asked her where her ride was and she told him she didn’t have one.

The man then pointed at a ring on her finger and asked, “What about that?”

She told him to please don’t take it when a dark-colored square vehicle pulled up behind her apartment.

She says the suspect saw the vehicle, put the gun to her forehead and said that this was her “lucky day.”

He then ran toward Gault St.

The woman said the suspect was wearing a black hoodie and blue shorts.

She says he also had a chipped tooth making it longer than the other front tooth.

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