Internet challenge puts Upstate child in burn center

Ice and salt challenge is a danger to children.

An Anderson girl is recovering after third degree burns to her leg after participating in an internet challenge.

It’s an internet trend popular in school age children. You pour salt on your arm or leg then you place ice cubs on top of the ice and you wait. Most kids film themselves participating in the challenge or do it with the friends, the object is to see who can last the longest.

But medical professionals say the problem is these kids are essentially self inducing frost bite. The longer the ice stays on the salt the more severe the burn to their skin will be.

“You are constricting those blood vessels under the skin and when you have the inflammation from a burn you don’t necessarily want that less blood flow to your skin. Anytime you burn your skin you are at an extreme risk for infection,” said Brandi Giles, Bon Secours St. Francis Nurse Practitioner.

The recommendation to parents is to talk to your child, they may think it is a fun game at the time, but it is in fact a danger to their health.

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