Neighbors don’t want large subdivision development near Glassy Mountain

PICKENS COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – A local developer in Pickens County wants to build more than 250 homes on a 182 acre property near Glassy Mountain.

County officials held a community information meeting Thursday evening. Many neighbors packed the room inside the Pickens County Administration building saying their community just isn’t the place for such a large development.

Shelly Smith has owned her property at the base of Glassy Mountain for two decades. It’s right next to the proposed development for people mostly age 55 and older. She says when she thinks about the project she gets emotional. She also has a therapy business where she uses her land to help people relieve stress.

“The peace and quiet would be disturbed, and a lot of us are really concerned because this is a major wildlife corridor,” Smith said.

Neighbors also have concerns over traffic and sewer issues.

The development process is in the beginning stages. There will be a Planning Commission meeting next week. County Councilman Wes Hendricks says he wanted to hold the meeting so people would be informed going into the Planning Commission meeting.

“There a lot of other stops they have to do, have DHEC do storm water runoff, have to have water studies and traffic studies,” Hendricks said.

The developer says the land has been in his family for three generations, and this is part of his family’s legacy.

“We want to do it correctly, said William E Findley, the property owner with Glassy Mountain Holdings. “We want to do it in a manner that everyone is going to want to live there who’s looking to come and retire here.”

Findley says they will leave 107 of the 182 acres untouched, putting walking trails throughout. He says the subdivision will also be gated and have a pool and tennis court.

“Each house on a quarter acre, that’s a low density issue, so we’re trying to make it fit,” Findley said.

He says the homes will blend in to the architecture already in the community, and he says the development will increase the economy in the county.

“If we’re going to grow in Pickens, It’s inevitable here,” Findley said. “We’re right next to Greenville County.”

The Planning Commission will either approve or deny the proposal at their meeting Monday at 6:30 PM at the Pickens County Administration Building.

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