6 foot snake caught in a viral video of Henderson Co. woman

BOSTIC, NC (WSPA) — Catching wild snakes that get a little too close to home is a job few people would want to do. But some local snake wranglers make it look casual, and the internet has noticed.

Especially Bostic, North Carolina, business owner SunShine McCurry whose Facebook video has gone viral. There’s nothing ordinary about her, even though she doesn’t see it that way.

“I was a regular chick tattooer,” says McCurry. “I just do what needs to be done. If the car breaks I fix it. If there’s a snake in the living room I get it out.”

Nearly four million Facebook viewers have seen her tuck a six foot long black snake into her pillow case. They may not know that she’s tough enough to tattoo herself, but they still think she’s pretty extraordinary.

“Just because I caught a snake in my living room, which that’s the first time that’s happened, everybody wants to talk to me now, so I’m cool with that,” says McCurry.

Another local amateur wrangler, Spartanburg Police Investigator Jason Tapp, is pretty impressed by her as well.

“Most people in general wouldn’t, but to see a woman doing it, I thought, that’s pretty cool. I thought she was pretty brave for doing it,” says Tapp.

He just caught a six foot rat snake in Converse Heights this week.

“It was huge, and they’re like get it get it, I’m like OK,” says Tapp.

For people who don’t want to catch a snake, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources website, and the North Carolina Snake app, can provide information about snakes in the area.

McCurry has a hunch why the snake was near the house, “That guy was up here out of the river thinking, hey, I’m gonna go get a snack.”

Her video has attracted 39,000 shares and national media coverage, and she still can’t believe it, “I would have thought, hey, the local people think this is cool. I had no idea the world would think it’s cool.”

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