Another aspiring model fled from Pickens Co. sex slave suspect, report says

PICKENS COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – We have new information about a man charged for holding a Canadian woman as a sex slave. Deputies say another woman from out of town also called police fearing for her safety.

7 News first told you about the case out of Pickens County last month. Pickens County deputies say a Canadian woman burst through a window at the home of Fred Russell Urey.

Sheriff Rick Clark says the woman was held hostage for days forced to commit sex acts and it all started with promises of modeling.

About 13 weeks prior, an incident report says deputies responded to that same home where another aspiring model “ran from the front door screaming for help.”

The woman told deputies she’d also met Urey online and agreed to travel almost 800 miles from Michigan to meet him in liberty “concerning a modeling career.”

The report says on February 16th the woman “became very uneasy and was afraid to leave the house” because Urey became “so upset.”

She called deputies though she says he “never assaulted her” or stopped her from “leaving.”

Months later, in May, Sheriff Clark had this to say at a press conference following Urey’s arrest:

“If you have internet it can happen to you no matter where you are,” said Sheriff Rick Clark. “We’re a great county here and very protected and low crime rate but still, you never know what can be done.”

The woman was able to return home to Michigan. Deputies say Urey wasn’t charged that time because there was no evidence of a crime being committed.

Urey remains in jail tonight for the charges he got in May. They include kidnapping and 1st degree criminal sexual conduct.

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