Community questions housing for basketball academy

A board tabled the decision Thursday to grant 22ft Academy a special exception as a host home for their property off Concord Road in Anderson County.

For the last year the coaches and players have lived inside the home not realizing they needed approval from the county’s board to occupy a large number of people inside the residence.  As they worked to get the approval, the community around them became involved in the decision.  Many neighbors speaking out against the house stating that the commercial business did not fit into the residential area.

“It’s a commercial business no different than a private school with a dormitory attached to it,” said Ralph Melbourne, a concerned resident.

But Mike Rawson, the CEO of 22ft Academy, said his group of basketball players are just kids looking to get an education and a potential scholarship. He said they aren’t looking to cause trouble.

“We are a family just a bit bigger of course there’s more kid we are here to integrate be a part of the community that’s why we chose to come here,” Rawson said.

While the community continues to disagree with Rawson, the decision is in the hand of the county’s land use and zoning board of appeals. The board said they needed more information on if the academy fit the qualifications of a host home and then would discuss again at their next meeting in July.

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