Firefighter accused of kidnapping in Union Co.

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Union Co., SC (WSPA) – A Union Co. volunteer firefighter is accused of kidnapping and domestic violence, according to the sheriff’s office.

Deputies say warrants will be sought for 1st degree domestic violence and kidnapping charges on Joshua Jennings.

Jennings is accused of assaulting the woman Thursday afternoon after they got into an argument.

The report says Jennings grabbed and jerked the woman back inside a home, which caused her to fall with a 2-year-old girl.

The woman said Jennings grabbed her from behind, squeezing her around her chest and slinging her over the washer and dryer onto the floor on top of the little girl.

The sheriff’s office says the victim was able to escape after Jennings’ friend intervened.

The woman went to the emergency room and told deputies this wasn’t the first time Jennings had assaulted her and she wanted to press charges.

Jennings said that he and the woman did get into an argument, but it did not get physical, deputies say.

He told deputies the only time that he touched her was when he grabbed her from behind, and that he was only trying to calm her down.

The friend said he heard Jenning’s and his wife arguing while outside and that when he walked in the home, he saw Jennings standing behind his the woman with his arms around her. That is when he told them to calm down, say deputies.

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